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Over the last 10 to 15 years, people’s lives have quickly sped up, especially with regard to the Internet. No sooner is one new app launched, than 10 more clones follow and the latest new rage ensues. Gmail was (and is still) one such rage.  With people moving around at much faster speeds than they were 20 or 30 years ago, the requirement for staying in touch with the world around them has grown, as well. This brought along email applications and protocols. Instead of being forced to sit down at one computer to receive all of their email messages, one popular service, web based email, made it possible to use their Gmail login to send and receive messages from anywhere they could access the Internet. This helped them stay in touch with what was going on around them, and made it even easier to live a mobile lifestyle, instead of being pinned down to one machine at their home, or office. One of the more popular services, that makes it incredibly easy to stay in touch, is Googlemail.

When Gmail Was Started

Gmail launched their invitation-only services as a beta release in April of 2004, and, after a few years of testing and working out bugs, they became available for general public usage in February of 2007. While still in beta testing mode, having public access meant that gogle mail developers would be able to work out the kinks on a much higher scale. After another short round of testing, the company went public with their services in July of 2009, accompanying a larger array of Google based applications.

Google Mail 's Startup Funding And Financial History

Googlegmail was started by Google developer Paul Buchheit and was initially available for use by Google employees. This helped prevent Google from having to use outside venture capitalists in order to fund the production and development of the services. By keeping the costs down, it allowed Google’s internal developers to put out more features that would help to set them apart from their competition, while still managing to avoid spending near as much as their competitors will have to spend in order to catch up.

Gmail’s Traffic History And Statistics

During the initial startup phase of Gmaillogin service, the service was available as invitation-only and still managed to grow to large numbers of users. After the public release of the service, Gmail users grew to almost 193.3 million per month. These are unheard of numbers for web based email providers, and if they keep up the pace, they could easily break 300 million users within the next few years, making them the largest web based email provider on the Internet. With Google Inc backing the development, it is easy to see how this is a possibility for them, revealing new features as fast as they can be developed. Of course the facility to add a corporate gmail account (with 10 free initial users) adds to the appeal.

Gmail’s Target Audience And Ideal Market

According to, Google Inc is ranked #1 in the United States, as well as the world, which allows nearly half of the internet’s daily users access to their Gmail webmail service. Quantcast reports that nearly 60,000 people utilize the email service every day, with users split evenly between males, and females, and a majority of users falling in the 18 to 34 age groups.

What Gmail Offers To Their Users

Gmail isn’t just another web based email provider. In fact, they offer quite a few different features to members that are simply not available with other web based email services. Gmail goes to extra lengths to ensure that your inbox remains spam free, and that you can quickly, and easily search for messages. Their conversation view style email messages makes it easy to see what was said in previous communications, and provide the ability to instantly chat with other Gmail members that are online. Gmail also offers up to 1GB of free space, which completely trumps other services 25MB limits. Gmail allows you to place free calls inside of the United States and Canada, and uses secure HTTPs authentication to ensure that anytime you login, your connections are secured from anonymous hackers and prying eyes.

Gmail’s Competition Analysis And Outlook

Gmail has been growing at a rapid pace over the last 5 years, because of the massive amounts of storage that they offer, as well as the other host of options and applications that are available through Google Apps. If they continue on the pace that they have set over previous years, their competition are going to have a hard time keeping up with the free web based email giant. With integration into newer mobile devices becoming standard, their user base should continue growing at record setting paces, helping to set them apart from the rest of the market.

Gmail login

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