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While most people believe that Facebook was the original social networking site, the fact remains that they, indeed, were not. Other giants were around before the Facebook empire took off, namely Classmates.com and Six Degrees Of Separation. Classmates.com was originally founded in 1995, with Six Degrees of Separation coming shortly thereafter in 1997. Facebook.com was founded much later, in 2004, which makes it relatively new in comparison to other social networking sites. With all of this being said, there is still one newer site that is trying to make an impact on how users view, and connect with the internet.

When Hi5 Started

Hi5 was founded in April of 2009, and is trying hard to take over their own section of the internet. Founded by Brandon Bishop, Hi5 offers their own unique perspective on social networking on the internet. With Bill Gossman (CEO) and Alex St. John (President / CTO) helping out at the wheel, the company, shortly after being founded, quickly took over a social gaming company called Big Six. The main operations are headquartered in the United States, but the service is more popular in other countries around the world, especially in Latin America.

Hi5’s Financial History

Leading up to them going public, the social networking site Hi5 worked to acquire almost $20 million in venture capital from Mohr davidow Ventures, and another $15 million in venture debt in early 2007. This, combined with another $3 million raised from Mohr Davidow set them up to work with nearly $38 million in funding. Having $38 million in startup capital helped them create a footprint that would likely lead them to success among other giants in the social networking game.

Hi5’s Traffic History

Much like other new sites on the internet, Alexa ranked Hi5 (when starting out) at over 2 million in traffic. While this sounds like a great number to have, when it comes to Alexa, you want lower numbers that helps to portray the amount of the internet that you reach out to. As of this writing, Hi5’s Alexa traffic rank is 230, which simply means that they reach almost .34% of the internet. That’s a pretty large feat when you consider that the site is less than 3 years old and means the hi5 login page sees a lot of action.

Quantcast, another internet traffic reporting site, has Hi5 listed at a global 3 million monthly visitors, which makes them ranked the 901st top site in the United States. Hi5, according to QuantCast, is also the #1 ranked site in Thailand, another large market for the upcoming social networking site.

What Hi5 Offers To Their Members

Hi5 has a lot of work ahead of them if they are going to differentiate themselves from the other competition on the market these days. One of the biggest distinct differences that Hi5 offers to their members, over other social networking sites, is that you are able to setup a music player in the profile, with lists of your favorite songs and artists.

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Hi5’s Ideal Target Audience

According to Quantcast, Hi5’s ideal target audience consists mainly (53%) of males, with the highest number of users ranging between the ages of 18-34. They do reach a, much smaller, amount of people between the ages of 12-18, and 35-56, which means that the audience is much younger than some of their competition, such as Facebook, which caters to a much wider range of ages in their own audience.

Hi5’s Competition Outlook

Even though people using Myspace.com have let off quite a bit, one of Hi5’s biggest competing sites still remains to be Myspace.com. If Hi5 intends to make a bigger dent into the market than they already have, they are going to have to come out with some new innovative methods to help them compete with the different, much larger sites, such as Facebook.com, Myspace.com, and even Classmates.com. They have a long way to go to reach Facebook.com’s larger status, which reaches out to nearly 500 million active users, and over 40 million people per day with users visiting an average of 50 pages per visit, spending 37 seconds or more on each page.

What Makes Hi5 Special?

Hi5 boasts that they allow you to express the real you, with custom profiles, avatars, music, lists and much more. They also claim to be more social than other social networking sites, allowing you to find friends and meet new cool people that are similar to yourself from all around the world. Hi5 gives you the opportunity to play games over the network, flirt with others, give gifts, or simply just hang out with people who share the same interests as you.

The hi5 login page is here - hi5

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